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If you are a company interested in sponsoring The Japan Helpline by JHELP.COM SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM please send mail to

Individuals and companies are also encouraged to support The Japan Helpline with cash, credit, or telephone card donations.

Our Partners


ABROAD magazine is a Japan Helpline partner in providing space in their magazine for monthly announcements of THe Japan Helpline and assistance in getting information out.

ABROAD magazine

Acer Computer is a partner with The Japan Helpline in donating computers for use by volunteers who are conected in a assistance network. Their donations of computers has greatly expanded the assistance network and online network.

Acer Computer

Adobe Adobe Systems Japan is a sponsor of The Japan Helpline in assisting in our endeavor to modernize our Internet presence in order to provide the highest quality of assistance on a 24 hour basis by providing us with the latest software free-of-charge as well as advice and help on an ongoing basis.


Aeroflot Russian Airlines is an airline partner of The Japan Emergency Team in providing airline tickets and space for disaster assistance on an ongoing basis.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines

American Airlines has been a longtime supporter of The Japan Helpline and The Japan Emergency Team by providing gratis airline tickets at to team members on a number of disaster relief endeavors as well as space for emergency supplies.
American Airlines has kindly provided this assistance and has helped us out in most of our disaster relief operations in North and South American countries

American Airlines

American Express is a support partner in settting up a system to allow donations to be given to The Japan Helpline through the American Express card as well as ongoing cooperation in assistance of travelers in need.


American Express

Apex Planning is a Japan Helpline Partner in providing ongoing computer, network, internet, website consultation and is on call 24 hours a day for help in updating and keeping the computer network operating.

Apex Planning

Apple Computer has provided The Japan Helpline with a PowerMac 9500 with which we maintain this web site. In fact, this page was created using a Macintosh. Without Apple's contribution, maintenance of The Japan Helpline web site would not be progressing as smoothly as it has been.

Apple Computer

Boeing Japan is a Japan Helpline Partner in sponsoring a portion of the monthly telephone bill for THe Japan Helpline in particular through the employee support system.

Boeing Japan

Compaq Computers was instrumental in updating our office computer system this summer. They donated three top-of-the-line Prolineas and helped us get them set up. Thanks to Compaq we are now officially "computerized" —we can’t even begin to express how their generosity has improved our efficiency and services. Without them, we’d still be in the Dark Ages!

Compaq Computers

Dell Computer is a Japan Helpline Partner in donating computers which are used in teh 24 hour telephone response system and have greatly facilitated the integration of computer/volunteers and assistance service and the building of an online assistance system.

Dell Computer

Egypt Air supported The Japan Emergency Team by providing tickets free-of-charge to the team when the earthquake hit in 1992.


Family Mart one of Japan’s premier convenience stores has been a long time supporter of The Japan Helpline/The Japan Emergency Team through their spare change program which has been a significant source of support. They place coin boxes on their checkout counters to help out our activities.

Family Mart

Gateway 2000 has been a very supportive Partner in donating Computers to set up the telephone and disaster response systemf of The Japan Helpline. In addition Gateway 2,000 has been a kind and supportive consultant in various computer related operations.

Gateway 2000

Herman Miller, Japan has been a most helpful friend in donating a complete set of office equipment in conjunction with Standard and Poors. The Japan Helpline is most grateful for their help which enabled us to completely renovate our office.

Herman Miller, Japan

Hewlett Packard is a partner in donating printers to assist the work of The Japan Helpline. It has greatly helped in updating and other computer related information.

Hewlett Packard

HIS Travel is a partner with The Japan Helpline in providing assistance to travellers overseas, particularly in the area of emergency assistance.

HIS Travel

Iran Air is a long time partner with The Japan Emergency Team having first worked together in 1991 when a 747 was chartered to send relief supplies to a terrible earthquake that occured in Iran. Most recently Iran Air provided round trip tickets as well as space for nearly 1/2 ton of emergency relief supplies for the most recent earthquake in Iran.

Iran Air

IAC has provided The Japan Helpline with its energy and expertise in the computer and cyberworld. They provide us with free Internet access and invaluable consultation. Without the long-term commitment of IAC, you wouldn’t be reading this homepage!


IBM has been a longtime supporter of The Japan Helpline. For the past seven years they have donated computer equipment to our offices as well as equipment to disaster locations where The Japan Emergency Team is working. During the Kobe earthquake, IBM gave 2 laptop computers to The Japan Emergency Team to assist in our relief operations there.


Japan Airlines is a Japan Emergency team airline sponsor in providing airline tickets for various disaster team response in addition to support in transporting disaster relief supplies to Japan Airlines Served areas.

Japan Airlines

KDD has been a longtime supporter of The Japan Helpline, initially through the support of the vice president and then joined the The Japan Helpline as a regular supporter under the community service donation system in which supporting individuals help pay our monthly phone bill and newsletter. KDD and The World Helpline cooperate on a regular basis in assisting Japanese overseas through direct referrals.


Linc Media is a partner with The Japan Helpline in setting up, maintaining, and providing consultation for computer services, particularly for emergency and disaster assistance as well web site planning and maintenance

Linc Media

Matsuo Insatsu Printing is a partner with The Japan Helpline in taking care of printing monthly magazine, pamphlets and various printing materials used by The Japan Helpline.

Microsoft further assisted us in our endeavor to modernize by providing us with the latest software free-of-charge. Now we have Windows 95 installed on our older computers, but best of all we have been able to start a large database system with the Access software from the Microsoft Office Pro package.

Matsuo Insatsu Printing

Motorola is a supporter of The Japan Helpline in their consistent assistance in providing cellular telephones to disaster areas. Most recently Motorola provided 30 cellular telephones to The Japan Emergency Team to assist us after the Kobe earthquake. Not only did Motorola deliver them to the disaster site, they allowed JET to use them for six months without service fees and domestic and international charges.


Northwest Airlines is a top supporter of The Japan Emergency Team (JET). We have an ongoing account with them which provides us with discounted seats for our team members between Japan and the US as well as Northwest routes throughout Asia. Not only does Northwest carry our team members as close as possible to the point of our disaster relief operation, they also transport needed supplies. At present they are helping JET with the flood-stricken areas of southern China.

Northwest Airlines

NTT has sponsored the work of The Japan Helpline for the past seven years beginning with the president of NTT who has been a longtime supporter. They have provided direct assistance with our monthly telephone bill, given telephone equipment to disaster locations, sponsored our monthly newsletter and have sent employees to directly assist in disaster operations along with emergency supplies. The Japan Helpline and NTT cooperate daily on a 24 hour basis with regular referrals of calls that NTT cannot handle.


Scholi Travel Center is a partner with The Japan Helpline in providing assistance in travel arrangements for disaster relief operations both domestically and internationally.

Sony International has long supported the Japan Helpline and the Japan Emergency Team beginning with a personal interest in the team. Sony has assisted us through direct donations and have provided video equipment to record our disaster response activities.

Sony International

The Orient Corporation has been a long time supporter of The Japan Helpline through their support of the credit card version of The World Helpline Card. The company donates 5 percent of the amount spent on each card providing a important source of support for Agape International. The World Helpline Credit Card was the first and only affinity card issued in Japan.

The Orient Corporation

Tokyo Classified is an ongoing Japan Helpline partner in regularly providng space free of charge for various Japan Helpline and Japan Emergency Team announcements which have greatly assisted the various programs.

Tokyo Classified

Tokyo Weekender is an ongoing Japan Helpline and Japan Emergency Team sponsor in regularly providind space for announcements, news and information concerning disaster assistance and updates on various Japan Helpline programs.

Tokyo Weekender

Toshiba has been a supporter of The Japan Helpline and The Japan Emergency Team since the San Francisco earthquake when they provided computer equipment which completely revolutionized on-site disaster assistance. The computers were later donated to the Cambodian government’s relief efforts in Jordan giving the computers a second life.


US Embassy Employees Welfare Fund is a partner in sponsoring a portion of the monthly telpehone bill of The Japan Helpline.

US Embassy Employees Welfare Fund

Virgin Atlantic Airways has been a long time supporter of The Japan Helpline and The Japan Emergency Team beginning with assistance during the Gulf War by donating free seats for 20 volunteers going to Jordan to work in refugee camps. They also provided JET with 10 free seats during the war in Bosnia for patients to receive medical treatment in Japan.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Zurich Insurance Co. has supported The Japan Helpline for many years through donations to help pay our ever-growing telephone service expenses. They are very committed to helping out the international community in Japan!

Zurich Insurance Co.

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