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Urgently need your assistance!!
Operation Rescue - Burma/China


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The Japan Emergency Team was one of the first to arrive at Phuket in Thailand...more
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The Japan Emergency Team, (JET), Japan`s first and only non-government related Disaster Relief announces the commencement of `Operation Rescue` in connection with the catastrophic Cyclone Nargis that hit major areas of Burma on May 3rd and the May 12th Earthquake that hit China.

To date more than two million people have been affected and reports have up to 100,000people killed and near lee 70,000 still missing in Burma with estimates of over 20,000 killed in China.

In its 78th and 79th disaster relief effort since 1987, the team is providing emergency relief supplies including food, medicine, emergency housing in Burma and China in conjunction with local partners.

The Japan Emergency Team joins other non-government disaster relief organizations in strongly urging the Burmese Government to allow in relief workers immediately.

Supplies most needed are:
Water, Canned and instant food, rice, powdered milk, personal medical kits, sleeping bags, tents, laptop computers.
Supplies should be sent to:

The Japan Emergency Team
Box 65
Tokyo, Japan 108-8691
Please put 1,000 yen in each box to cover handling of supplies.

Donations can be made online or Postal Furikae Address Postal Furikae 00160 7 162438, Nihon Kinkyu Enjotai (The Japan Emergency Team) .

The Japan Emergency Team has been to nearly all disasters since 1987 and was the first relief convoy to cross the border into Iraq following the end of the Iraq war in 2003 where it continues to work.

Previous efforts have included disasters in Iran, Pakistan, India, China, Peru, Egypt, Indonesia, Taiwan, Jordan, Kosovo, India, Afghanistan, Somalia, Turkey, Cambodia, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Rwanda, Bosnia, Ecuador, Columbia, Poland, Papua New Guinea, El Salvador,
`We urgently need help to be able to respond to this dramatic need in Asia` says Representative Masao Kakoki.
`In our over 20 years of operation we have seed a dramatic rise in such disasters, particularly illustrated by the present situation where two major emergencies are happening at the same time.
The devastation is unimaginable.

` Donate online at www.jhelp.com

The Japan Emergency Team Appeal

The Japan Emergency Team Appeal - Operation Niigata!

China: Quake、and Niigata, Japan The Japan Emergency Team, Japan`s only non-government related disaster relief team in its 77th disaster mission since its founding in 1987 is announcing commencement of "Operation Niigata" in connection with the 6.7 Magnitude earthquake which struck Niigata and other areas of Japan. With many injured and thousands in emergency shelters the need is extremely urgent.

The team had just finished operations in the Wajima area of Ishikawa Ken. Team members are on site and the following emergency relief supplies are urgently needed.

Water, Canned and Instant Food, Emergency Medical Kits, Rice, Towels, Used Laptop Computers, Camping Supplies, Sleeping Bags, Towels, Soap (No blankets are needed at the current time)

In addition the team operates Japan`s only Disaster Relief Vehicle - a 32 foot emergency motorhome that goes to disaster and provides food, medical assistance, drinks, showers and other emergency help. Preparing to go to a disaster the team found out a disaster in own - a major systems failure has prevented the Disaster Relief Vehicle from being taken to the site to assist as usual. Due to the specialized nature of the vehicle the cost to repair or replace is estimated at 2.8 Million Yen or more. .
As a non-profit organization dependent 100% on the community the team is urgently requesting assistance from the International Community. The Disaster Relief Vehicle which is normally on standby for a disaster in the Tokyo area is assisted previously in the disaster at Usuzan in Hokkaido and other places.

Emergency Supplies should be sent along with the contents clearly marked and 1,000 in each box for handling to:
Operation Niigata Box 65 Tokyo, Japan 106-8691

Donations can be made online at www.jhelp.com or to Postal Furikae 00160 7 162438, Nihon Kinkyu Enjotai (The Japan Emergency Team)

Thank you for suopprt!

United Airlines Representative in Japan March Schwab presents tickets to Operation Tsunami` Japan Emergency Team Members going to Thailand.

The next team with support from United Airlines for team members passage and emergency supplies will be arriving shortly.

Further, all donations to the Tsunami Relief Project over $50 will receive 500 Miles from United Airlines!

Partners & Friends

and more...
This is where we are working.
Ban Kamala Primary School was completely destroyed by the tsunami which hit Kamala beach on 26th December 2004....more
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Donations will be used to support emergency activities where most needed at the time of the receipt.
The Japan Helpline is urgently requesting assistance in the form of emergency supplies to Indian Ocean Earthquake - Tsunami.

Supplies urgently needed include:

Sleeping bags, tents, canned and instant food, bottled water, home medical kits, blankets, towels, soap.

Additional items needed include:

Portable radios, batteries, flashlights, portable telephones,laptop computers, PBX Telephone system, printers, satellite telephone, mileage coupons, unused prepaid cards/NTT, etc.

Items are requested to be put one type per box with contents clearly stated on outside of box and 1,000 Yen for processing included in the box.

Volunteers needed include:

Those able to assist on site and those able to help in Tokyo in sorting relief supplies, webmasters able to donate some time maintaining websites.


Mailto team@jhelp.com

THANKS to United Airlines
United Airlines is donating tickets for team members and emergency supplies! Link to United Airlines
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Postal Furikae 00160 7 162438 Nihon Kinkyu Enjotai
CPO 833, Tokyo, Japan 100-8692


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