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Aids Hotline

To communicate with the AIDS Hotline, call 0120-46-1995
To receive a copy of regular updates on AIDS treatment or information, please fax, call or
email the AIDS Hotline.

The Aids Hotline is the only 24-hour, toll-free Aids information number for foreigners in Japan. You will not reach a recorded message on this line, you will be able to talk with someone.

The Aids Hotline provides counseling as well as information--even it is in the middle of the night and the caller is worried, confused or just needs someone to talk to. The Hotline also answers inquiries about contracting Aids, Aids symptoms, testing and treatment.

The Aids situation in Japan is still a very taboo subject and is considered to be a foreign or foreigner-related disease. Therefore at The Aids Hotline, confidentiality is of utmost importance.

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The Aids Hotline works in conjunction with Aids Project USA.

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